Syneva (Synnøve Arntsdotter Sylte) Evjen

Father: Arnt Olson Børset Stomprød
Mother: Ragnhild Jakobsdotter Sylte

Spouse: Andrew (Anders) Andersen Evjen

Biography Notes...

Emigrated to America. Left from Trondheim April 20 1871 on the ship Norway. Destination: Bownsville.

Date: 18 May 1996
From: "Anders Normann"

Synnøve Arntsdotter Sylte(Syltbakken Sylte in the municipality of Surnadal) b. 1840 as the 3rd of 3 children. Emigrated to America 1870 and her two older brethren are assumed to have emigrated earlier, maybe together with their mother. (this leaves us with the problem of where Synnøve was at that time). She was the daughter of Arnt Olson Børset from Rindal b. 1807 d. 1842 - drowned in the river Surna, married 1836 to Ragnhild Jakobsdotter Sylte (Austigard Sylte) b. 1799 - assumed to have gone to America with her children.

Date: Tue, 14 May 1996
From: "Anders Normann"

Hello again Daniel!

Just a few words to confirm I recived your mail. Today has been a very hectic day with a quick trip to Oslo in the morning and an afternoon filled with meetings. Then I found my new PC had arrived and had to set it up.

But I still had time to have a quick look at the info you sent me. And I seem to have found the Syneva (in Norwegian: Synoeve) who left Trondheim on april 4, 1871; Her full name seems to be Synoeve Arntsdatter Sylte born 1840 at a small leasehold farm called Syltbakken in Surnadal. Her father was Arnt Olson Stomroed from the neighbouring community of Rindal born abt. 1807 who married Ragnhild Jakobsdatter Sylte from the farm Austigard born 1799. They had 3 children: 1)Ola born 1836 - emigrated to USA, 2)Eli born 1838, married to Jo Jonson Sylte and emigrated to USA, 3)Synnoeve born 1840 - emigrated to USA 1870.

Her father drowned in the river Surna 1842 and her mother is rumored to have gone with her children to USA.

I do not know whether this is your ancestor, but I will keep looking. It's a shame I didn't have your latest info a few days ago as I did return some books to the library last saturday. Those books were from Gauldal, and I know that one of the farms there is called Evjen.

Best regards

Picture came from: Kevin & Belinda Evjen
Date of picture: 4-18-2001
Front row: Unknown

Syneva Evjen marker