Lene Sæter

Father: Arnfinn Sæter
Mother: Marie Sæter

Spouse: Kurt

Biography Notes...

Date: 10 Oct 1997
From: "Lene Sæter" smarie@ah.telia.no

Hi Dan!
We have visited your homepage, and seen your genealogical table. I got the address from Råg Aarnes that told us that some about the page. We knew that we had some relations in USA, and we have wanted to contact you for a long time. But we have not had any address to write to. We have looked for some addresses in my grandmothers house, but unfortunatly we were not able to find any. So we were very happy to receive your address. You may wonder how we are related.

My grandmother is:
Rannei Olsdtr. (1907) married to Bastian Saeter. 2 children:
Arnfinn and Rannei Marie
We who would very much like to have contact with you are the children of
Arnfinn and Rannei Marie.
Our name is:
Lene Saeter
Bente Saeter
The children of Arnfinn Saeter
Arild Svalgres
Rune Svalgres
The children of Rannei Marie Svalgres

We hope you will answer us, because we would very much learn to know you. We would very much like you to e-mail us all.

Hope we will hear from you.
From your relative from Norway.
Lene Sæter & Arild Svalgres

Date: 27 Dec 1997
From: "Lene Sæter" smarie@ah.telia.no

Hei Dan and family

I might as well send you a marry christmas and a happy new year too. I hope you all are doing great. I have had a wonderful christmas so far. At the 24 I had a very nice day, my tradition is to get up early in the morning to watch tv. They are sending the same programs every year, and they are a norwegian story about a carpenter and Santaclaus, then it is Cinderella, and then it is Disney. After that I go to church with my mother and father. After that it is dinnertime, before we open our presents. So it is a pretty relaxing day, witch i spend most of the time in front of the Tv. After we have open up our presents we start calling to our family to hear what they got and to say thank you. At Christmas Eve it started to snow here, so now we got pretty much again. I like that because, well it is suppose to be that way at christmas, if you know what I mean. Me and my father will come and chat with you this sunday too, so I guess I see you then. Well I better stop now, because me, my sister and her husband are going to watch a movie.

Bye for now.
With Love from Lene

Picture came from: Lene Sæter
Date of picture: 2 May 2003
Front row: Lene & Kurt

By the way....though I should send you a picture:) Long since I did that.... this is from christmas... our first christmas in our own house.

Date: 2 May 2003
From: "lene-sae" lene-sae@online.no

Hello Dan

I hope you are doing great! Here with me everything is just fine! I know I am terrible in keeping in touch but here is finally a mail from me!

How is life as grandparents:) Hope everything is going fine with the little one. I am sure it is great to have grandkids:)

Here in Norway everything is more or less as always... This winter we have been busy redecorating our house. A lot of job but it is really fun also. Fortunatly Kurt manage to do most of the job himself so we save a lot of money that way. You know you dont excatly get rich from beeing a teacher:) Always hopeing to win some millions in lotto though heheheh:)

Evertying is going fine in my work. This year have been really great and I learned a lot. So the year has just flown...and now it is soon summer again.

By the way I was going to tell you that my grandmother sister Karen Sandblåst died this week. She got 94 years old. So now all of my grandmothers siblings are dead.

Do you remeber you once asked me to copy the letter I got from Irene and send it to you? Did I do that or did I forget? You see I did some cleaning here the other day and then I found it...and started thinking of if I send it to you or not? If I didnt and you still want a copy of it (even though it is long ago) just tell me and I'll send it!

By the way I got a new address...We bought a house last summer...Hmmm I think I told you but:) ... Anyway I saw that you had wrong address on the christmascard you sent so...here is my new address:

Lene Sæter
Stull Hansensvei 27 A
9910 Bjørnevatn

Well this have to be all for now...Till next time Take Care

From Cousin Lene

from: Lene Saeter lene-sae@online.no
date: Sat, Jan 3, 2009 at 1:57 PM

Hello Dan with family

Happy New Year! I hope you all have had a great christmas and sending our best wishes for 2009.

I loved the video you sent of those 4 wonderful grandchildren:)

Here with us everything is just fine:) We have had a nice and relaxing christmas. So good with some days off from work. I still teach in the kindergarten. Our daughter Evelina is in the same kindergarten as I work but ofcourse not in the same class. I think it is really great to have her in the same place as I work:)

I have some happy news to tell. I am pregnant again and we are expecting our second child 3th of june. We are ofcourse very happy and excited:)

I am sending lots of pictures of our daughter Evelina so you can see how big she is now. Just cant belive she is two years allready.

We are building a cottage. I am sending two pictures picture of the view from our cottage. We are doing everything ourself. It is really hard work but also fun to manage to do everything ourself. These pictures are some months old so by now we have finished everything outside and have just started inside. It will be great the day it is finished and we can start going there every weekend:)

Everything is going just fine with my parents. My mother have been through an operation for breastcanser in the beginning of 2008, but now she is doing fine. She has been on control and it seems like they have managed to remove everything. We are ofcourse very happy and hope now that she will stay healthy!

Well not much more news to rapport from here for the moment...

Take care:)
Lene with family