Jack Kucker

Father: Roy Kucker

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Date: Mon, 24 Jun 1996 20:21:39 -0500 (CDT)
From: Jack Kucker "jikucker@net66.com"

Hi Dan,
I am a cousin of Lee Kucker, his father, Harry Kucker, was my uncle. My father was Roy Kucker third oldest of the Kucker clan. He passed away last year one day before his 97th birthday.

I haven't seen Harry or Adele is several years. The Kuckers have an annual family reunion every year and because of my travels I haven't been able to attend a union in a least 10 years. Therefore, my connection to the family has been through conversations with my dad who keep in touch with his brothers and sisters.

We live just outside Champaign, Illinois in a bedroom community for the University of Illinois. I decided to find my roots when I retired 3 years ago and have been pursuing the Kucker's genealogy. We have been in this county since 1737 and my wife and I made a trip to Germany last fall hoping to find more about my roots. I also have ancestors from Norway through my mother's side, who came to this county in 1844. This side I would like to research someday. Also I'm trying to find the location in England of the other side of my mother's family who came from England in about 1630. In addition, during this journey, I have started the search for my wife's roots. As you can see genealogy has more or less taken over my life.

We have two of our four children living in the Seattle area. My son is a civil engineer living in Seattle and my daughter lives in the Woodenville area. Both are married and have lived in your area for 10 and 5 years. We have visited Seattle many times and have enjoy the area. The year Illinois played in the NCCA basketball Final Four we were there.

If I can help you with the Kucker line let me know what information you are seeking. If there is any address of the Kuckers you may want I will see if I can locate them. I was surprised to see the Kucker name on the internet because it isn't a very common name. Thank you for your response and the best wishes to you and your family.

Jack Kucker