Amber (Robish) Christenson

Father: Orvis (Bud) Robish
Mother: Ruby (Larson) Robish

Biography Notes...

Subject: fix web page 00629
Date: Mon, 5 Aug 2002 15:57:31 -0500
From: "O & M Gross"

Hi! I'm Jodi Gross. My grandma is Ramona Robish Ascher. She wantedto see her name on the computer. She lives in Watertown,S.D. My sister and I would be your 3rd cousin.

Date: Fri, 21 Nov 1997 17:32:55 -0600
From: "Amber Christenson"

>Amber Christenson wrote:
>> Just found your site. Pretty cool to see you guys there. I'm Amber
>> Robish, Ruby's daughter. Just stopping in to say hi!
>Hi Amber,
>I was just wondering if you are related to Mike Robish from
>Yakima, Washington? Do you happen to know my aunt Adelle Kucker
>in Watertown, SD.?

Yeah. Related to them all. Know Adelle very well. Knew Harry well, too. Mike Robish is our Dad's cousin. My dad was Orvis "Bud" Robish. My grandparents were Elmer and Hazel Robish. My mom was Ruby Larson. She was Gilbert and Lora (Kucker) Larson's daughter. Dont know how much of this you know. Harry is my grandma Lora's brother. See? We almost are having coffee! I live just outside of Troy, SD. You know where the Evjen home place is, right? Just a few miles down the road. Lloyd lives there now. I work in Watertown, SD. My sister is here too. Myra. She's the family expert, if you need anything, we can put our heads together and probably come up with very little. (A little helps though, right?) Enjoyed looking through your info.

Take it easy!