Katheryn Marie (McGinty) Stoneberg

Father: William Joseph McGinty
Mother: Mernice Enola (Valentine) McGinty

Spouse: Michael Steven Stoneberg

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Date: 24 Nov 1999
From: K11m17s@aol.com
CC: Pwroe@aol.com

I believe from reading your web site on the Evjen & Osterkil Genealogy that I may be related but am not certain. My great great grandfather was Peder Torstenson (Torsteinsen?) Sorkilmo. He was born 29-Jan-1833 in Norway and married Sara Andreasdatter (Roberg?) on 08-Feb-1861. They had eight children and emigrated to Dell Rapids SD USA in 1876. Peder died 07-Nov-1896 and is buried in Willow Creek Cemetery near Dell Rapids SD USA.
Children of Peder and Sara:
Anne Martha Sorkilmo b. 09-May-1860
Tom P. Sorkilmo b. 02-Feb-1862 (believe he spelled name Sorkilmoe) Karsten P. (Charlie) Sorkilmo b. 26-Feb-1864 m. Marie Roberg (he is my great grandfather and they had nine children. Mattie Carolyn Sorkilmo, his daughter was my grandmother, she had a twin sister Clara)
Andrius Sorkilmo b. 02-Jul-1865
Inga Sorkilmo b. 28-May-1869
Anna Lorentsa Sorkilmo b. 30-Sep-1871
Karen (Carrie) Sorkilmo b. 30-Jun-1874
Peter Magnus Sorkilmo b. 30-Jun-1877

In your narrative you speak of Hallvard Torsteinsen Bonsletten Osterkil b. 20-Mar-1855 having a brother Peder T. Sorkilmo. In the St. Peters Sunday School - 1897 picture you mention one of the students being Julie Sorkilmo.

I think their may be a connection and wonder if you agree. In your family tree you also have a John Roberg (Jon Torsteinsen Osterkil). Since our great great-grandmother was a Roberg and our great grandmother Marie was a Roberg I thought you might be able to explain this to me more fully.

When I sent my previous e-mail I didn't realize I could click on the picture of Halvor to see the whole Sunday School picture. The fifth from the right girl in the picture looks a lot like our family and relatives. Could this be Julie Roberg?

I'd really like the password to see more pictures and will send the information for my grandmother and her siblings etc. We are just beginning to get that information in our family tree. The Norwegian side of our family has been secretive over the years. We located information from a Forbregd/Forbragd family tree in which Anne Martha Sorkilmo married. She also had two children out of wedlock in Norway. Her son Peter Kareniussen Sorkilmo b. 01-Jan-1879, d. 24-Dec-1938 is reported to be the son of Karenius Kristensen Skajaerbakken. Her daughter Hanna Petersdatter Sorkilmo, b. 12-Jun-1883 is reported to be the daughter of Peter Pedersen Sonen.

Please let me know if any of this information fits with your genealogy. I do have many Sorkilmo pictures that I can scan at a later date if the connection is made.

Kathy Stoneberg

Re: Bonsletten farm in Norway
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2002 21:23:57 EST
From: K11m17s@aol.com
To: dpevjen@pioneernet.net


I have several pictures from the farms in Norway that I scanned.


Kathy Stoneberg