Daniel David Evjen

is the son of a 2nd cousin of

Erling Sylte & Marie Johanne Sylte

Ola Jonson Bøvra
Anne Olsdotter Sylte Ola Olson Sylte
Agnes Larsdotter (Sylte) Evjen Olaf Olsen Sylte
Raynard Arnson Evjen Erling Sylte & Marie Johanne Sylte
Daniel David Evjen


From: rag@robin.no (Råg Aarnes)

Additional information about your family in Surnadal. Erling Sylte is pehaps your 2nd or 3rd cousin.

Family branch for Anne born 1867 Syltstua. Anne`s brothers and sisters:

2.Brit Olsdtr.Sylte died as child.
3.Ola Olsen Sylte 1870. Spouse Maria Langholm from Tustna.
4.Jo Olsen Sylte born 1870. Spouse: Rannei Fredriksdtr. Steinberg.
Emigrated to USA
5.Per Olsen Sylte born 1876, Spouse Maria Johansdtr. Honnstad. Surnadal
6.Brit Olsdtr. Sylte born 1879, Not married

Ola Olsen Sylte (1870) took over the farm Syltstua in 1925. And had following children:

1.Ola Olsen Sylte (1905) married to Berta Aunebakk. 1son (dead)
2. Rannei Olsdtr. (1907) married to Bastian Saeter. 2 children:
Arfinn and Rannveig Marie
3. Karen (1909) married to Johan Sandblomst
4. Margrete (1911) married to Lars Ellevseth. 2children:
Magnild Bredesen and Oddlaug
5. Beret (1915) married Erling Lerbrekken (No children)
6. Peder (1914) dead 1940
7. Erling (1917) dead by accident at Spitsbergen Island
8. Olaf Olsen Sylte (1918) married to Reidun Fiske.

Olaf Olsen Sylte and Reidun has children as follows:
Erling Sylte (1955) No children. Living at Soesterheim in Surnadal
Marie Johanne Sylte (1959) No children. Living at Soesterheim in Surnadal

If you need more information do not hesitate to contact me. Your relatives would like to know more about you.

Råg Aarnes