The following translation for the above parish book fragment comes from: Lene Sæter


There were 3 places with the name Småvollan under Evjen. The place that is going to be talked about here was the upper one, and it was situated about 400 meters north from the farm Lillegjerdet under Grinde. It is said that it was the most fertile of all 3. Evjenåsen, Evjenløkken and småvoll løkka øvre was other named used on the place. The place was under Nord-Evjen, Oppigard and Bortstu, but under the change in the 1870 it became under Utstu. The first people that they know about that lived there was Esten and Ingerborg. They lived there in 1807. One dailyworker, Erik Johasen, born 1785, lived with them in 1815. Ingeborg became a widdow in 1829, and for years she ran the place in her own name. Her son Anders and his wife Ragnhild, took over after her, and Ingeborg moved to Valdum where she got married with Halvord Fransen in Valdbrenna. In 1860-70 Anders and Ragnhild had two cows and six sheep. They sowed from 1 to 1.5 barrels with corn, and they put out from 1 to 2 barrels with potatoes. In 1875 a woman named Helvig Arntsen lived with them. She came from Melhus, but was born in 1816 in Våler. She was living from knitting and sewing. In 1884 both Anders and Ragnhild died, and they died as poor. Their daughter Kari, who lived there died the year after. Ole and Ingeborg Hagunes most probably lived at first at Småvollan/Evjenåsen from about 1888 before they moved to Småvoll løkka. Their daughter Randi and her husband Marentius Lyngstad lived for a while at Småvollan/Evjenåsen in the beginning of the 1900. When they moved from Småvollan they lived a few places in Hovin, among others Grøtdalen. After that they came to Myrvang under Grinde. A barn was left in Småvollan to 1959.


Esten Andersen Evjen came from Krogstad-bakken. Born in 1771, died in 1829. Got married in 1802 with Ingeborg Nilsdatter Gylland. From Gylland. Born: 1778, died 1865. Children:

Anders Esten Evjen, born 1804, died 1884. Worked in 1825 in Nord-Evjen. Married in 1831 with Ragnhild Jonsdatter Soknes from Støren, born 1802, died 1884. Children: