Kari Arntsdotter Roskaft

Father: Arnt Olsen Roskaft
Mother: Berit Ellevsdatter Hage

Spouse: Esten Andersen Evjen

Biography Notes...

Newspaper clipping JAN 1924
Preble Township Pioneer Dies

Mrs. Kari Anderson Evjen, for nearly 50 years a resident of Preble Township died Thursday, Jan. 17 at the ripe old age of nearly 87 years. The funeral took place Monday this week at the Elstad Church and was largely attended by friends and neighbors of this beloved pioneer woman.

The late Mrs. Evjen, whose girl name was Kari Roskaft Flaatten, was born in Oct. 7, 1837 at Horg near Trondhjem, Norway. She was married to Esten Anderson Evjen, and in 1872 the young couple came to the U.S. and shortly afterward to Preble Township, where both resided until death.

Arnt Roskaft was the son of Ole Roskaft was Mr. Evjen passed away December 5, 1895. Of the three children born to them only one survives, Mr. Andrew Evjen of Whalen neighborhood.

One daughter Ragnild married to Jonas Larson, died December 28, 1891 and the other daughter, Miss Betsy Evjen passed away less than a year ago on March 16, 1923.

Since then the old mother has been cared for by her granddaughter, Miss Sina Larson. A grandson of the old lady, Mr. Edward Larson laid down his life for his country on the battle fields of France..

Additional Notes From Beverly Nelson:
Kari and Esten were married June 6, 1861 in Horg, Norway. Kari's Parents were: Arnt Olsen Roskaft born in 1797 married at the Church in Horg Parish, Trondheim, Norway, on March 24, 1825 in Horg, Norway to Berit Ellesdatter Hage born 1793.

Arnt Roskaft was the son of Ole Roskaft was baptized June 3, 1798. (Ole Larssen & Gurie Estesdatter lived at the farm Roskaft in Horg). Berit was the daughter of Ellef Lund was baptized April 21, 1793. (Ebbev Johnsen & Ingeborg Larsdatter lived at the farm Lund in Horg). This information is recorded in the Parish of Horg, Trondheim, Norway.

Kari's birth is recorded in the parish records as Oct. 10, 1837 and listed on the cemetery stone as Oct. 7, 1837.