Arild Svalgres

Father: Rolf Svalgres
Mother: Rannei Marie (Saeter) Svalgres

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Arild's e-mail addess is:

Date: 22 Jan 1998
From: "Arild Svalgres"

Hi Dan!

I hope everything is fine with you and your family. Everything is just fine here in Norway. I am back in school again, and everything is like it usually is. I just got my marks they were ok. This week my mother is going to Bodø to my brother to help him move to another appartment. So she will stay and help him for some days. The weather is pretty warm here to be in january, it is raining a lot, and we have no snow. This weekend I have been to pic up some catalogs about vacation abroad. So now I am looking in them and dreaming about summer and sun. I am planning to travell abroad with Lene this summer. You might think it is a bit early to start looking in january but the reason is that we have to order the trip early to be able to go where we want. So we are supppose to order the trip when I visit Lene in the end of february. Well I better stop now, but I try to write you soon again.

From Arild