Some Norwegian Name Meanings:

    Evj means "creek" or still part of the river.
    Evjen means farm by the creek.
    Kil means "wedge", but in this context, think it has something to do with the shape of the river, it seems to be meandering just there.
    Midtkil means "middle Kil"
    Osterkil means "Eastern Kil" or indicates it's a bit further to the East.
    Bonsletten means "bon-field" or "bon-flats", indicates a piece of land that is flat.

Map Arrow Colors:

Småvollan of Evjenåsen near Horg, the childhood home of Andrew Andersen Evjen
Syltbakken in Surnadal, the childhood home of Syneva (Sylte) Evjen
Øvre (Upper) Bonsletten, Østerkil, near Hegra, the childhood home of Halvor Torsteinsen Osterkil
Syltstua in Surnadal, the childhood home of Anne (Sylte) Osterkil

Subject: fix web page 01095
Date: Sat, 24 Nov 2001
From: "Ole T Hofstad"

Have just visited The Evjen Osterkil Genealogy pages, and I can tell you that this mail is from the Osterkil farm in Hegra, Norway. We are also owner of the old Bonsletten farm. As you see I send you two pictures of the Osterkil farm (which now a days is called Østkil),one picture from 1905 and a new picture. I'm sorry to say that there are no houses at old Bonsletten farm anymore, but we have many members of the Bonsletten family here. Hope to get a mail from you.

With greatings from Norway

Ole T. Hofstad
7520 Hegra
Phone: +47 7480 0719